Friday May 17, 2024

Soil health and drought mitigation panel from REVOLVE magazine

A couple weeks ago I was invited to speak on a panel discussion about soil health for the release of a new issue of REVOLVE magazine. 

Established in 2010, REVOLVE inspires climate action by keeping you informed about the circular economy, ecosystem restoration, the energy transition, sustainable mobility and water resources. 

Their latest episode focuses on the importance of soil and how to restore the health and function of soil through the perspective of researchers and practitioners.
Along with Teresa Gimeno a forestry researcher with the Centro de Investigación de Ecologia y Aplicaciones Forestales or CREAF here in Catalunya, and Carlos Ortiz who works with the department of climate action at the Generalitat de Catalunya where he leads the office of fertilizers and manure treatment, were interviewed by Marta Castillo who is a journalist and communications officer with REVOLVE media.
I’ll leave it there since Marta gives a great introduction to the panel and each of us as speakers right at the beginning. 

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